Lake Shore United Methodist Men (UMM)

UMM Mission Statement

The mission of the Lake Shore UMM Organization is to promote Christian Fellowship by offering regular meetings, programs and projects that provide opportunities for the members to interact with other Christians and develop a closer relationship with God.

UMM Objectives

  1. Strive to be an inclusive organization that works well with all organizations and committees in Lake Shore United Methodist Church.
  2. Include as many men of the church in our meetings and projects as possible.
  3. Include the families of the men wherever possible.
  4. Provide financial support an/or manpower to Lake Shore United Methodist Church for projects and programs that benefit the membership or facility.
  5. Provide financial support and/or manpower to Lake Shore UnitedMethodistChurch for local missions.
  6. Provide emotional and spiritual support to our members and their families.

We are the Lake Shore United Methodist Men, united to serve God, united to serve and support Lake Shore United Methodist Church, and united to support each other. We are men with our hearts and minds focused to do the will of the Lord and through our works; we are the hands of God – Amen