Sunday School at Lake Shore is an opportunity for our children to grow and love God through Jesus Christ in a safe, friendly, and fun environment. We accept all children as gifts from God and as valued members of our church. Children need to be taught how to develop a relationship with God. One of our greatest challenges is to pass on our beliefs and love of God to our children.

Sunday School currently meets during the school year during the second half worship, after sharing in prayer, singing and hearing scripture during the 9:30 am worship. However, our Sunday School Program is currently evolving as we try to identify the best way to reach children while also fully including them in the life and worship of the Church.

All parents are asked to receive a copy of our Child Protection Policy and to register the children through the Christian Education Office. If you are just visiting please fill out the child visitor information card before Sunday School.

Lake Shore United Methodist Church is proud to be using Cokesbury One Room Sunday school material, designed specifically for a children’s Christian education program where four or more age groups are taught in one classroom. One Room Sunday School includes materials that children ages 3 through middle school can study and learn together. Students will grow together through comprehensive Bible study, application of Bible lessons to everyday discipleship, and a variety of age-appropriate activities.

Sunday School Classes

Ages 2 & 3
Pre K – 2nd Grade
3rd, 4th & 5th Grade
6th – 12th Grade